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HDMI video + USB DAC in android?

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I recently discovered that my fathers home theatre system doesn't support HDMI sound, so when I hook my android tablet to the thing I get 200 glorious inches of HD video, but no sound. There are a few solutions to this problem, none of them "cheap".
I've thought of a possible solution that justifies my buying a DAC/Amp combo (maybe) and I was hoping someone who has the proper equipment could test it for me. Can I run the video out through the HDMI and run audio out of a USB connected external DAC?
I figure this option gives me an excuse to buy new stuff, not to mention being cheaper than an HDMI down converter (which will only degrade things) so I really hope someone can help my out here. Support my addiction please!

Edit: for the record I'm running android 4.1.1 on a PiPO S2 tablet. It supports USB-OTG and also has a full sized USB port. I don't know for certain a DAC will work, but everything else I've crammed in there has
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Any input?
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Still looking on this. Anyone?
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Unfortunately, Android does no support USB audio natively, so unless you want to mod your kernel or buy a GS3 (which does support it) a DAC is out of the picture. frown.gif
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Also, could you use the 3.5mm jack for audio? Not the greatest quality, but it should work.
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No, when you plug HDMI in, it bypasses the internal audio circuitry. Ive seen a lot of people with the rk3066 soc (love this chip BTW) using USB audio (in TV sticks and other tablets) so I'm sure it can be done pretty easily. The rk3066 has not only a USB otg but also a full USB host and my firmware seems to have full implementation of that.

My question is if anyone has a phone/tablet/stick could you run your DAC and HDMI or mhl and see if there is output through the DAC?
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I found a breakdown of the rk3066 kernel. Its been a long time since I dabbled in code (and dabble is the accurate word) but I found this interesting that there is ALSA support
There is also documentation on using the m-audio audiophile USB / midi sound card. I believe that's used in home studio work
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