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Listen to what you like. Some people on here take this whole "audiophile" hobby to a level of obsession and extreme. If you like the sound and can afford it, get it. Everyone has different taste and likes.

If you spend time obsessing over little details and whether or not the format mp3, FLAC, etc then you're not really enjoying yourself as much as you're creating another job. Music is supposed to be enjoyable, not a chore.
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I think going in gradual is the key. Living with my Crossfades for 2 months had made me see the value of great construction build quality, but also made me realize, they are great for EDM and other bass driven genres. Too bad I enjoy lots of guitar based tunes! Enjoying my experience with the headphones makes me feel like investing in a balanced, easy to drive portable would serve me well. I think you really have to assess your needs and listening habits firmly, early on.
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Following up on my last post, i recently invested in some AIAIAI TMA1s. I know everyone says they are dark, and i already have dark Crossfades, but after hearing some at Best Buy, they were comfortable and actually detailed! Loving them so far...
But i still want to try some Grado's smily_headphones1.gif
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I've found that the best way to appreciate high-end audio gear is to listen to them for a solid week using good equipment and source material, and then go back to what you were using before.  Only then can you really appreciate the value of high-end audio.

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Funny. What It seems that your ears are tortured by these expensive and highly regarded (by some) things and you are unhappy because of this, but you could not believe that it could happen that a pricier thing (when supposedly pricier should be better) is worst than your old and cheap gears. But audio, especially headphone, is a highly personal thing and there is no rule, save your own satisfaction. I would say: dump them if you dont like them. Dont dump them if you care about the wellbeing of the creditors, owners and employees of all the firms, who contributed to the manufacturing and selling these products, 

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