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I had a Sony 16GB walkman I got for a 10 year work present and for some reason it decided one day it didn't want to start anymore. I spent 2 weeks trying to run the battery down on it to force a reset, and long story short it's dead and I executed it with a set of stadium snare drumsticks and a paradiddle.


What I liked about it was it was easy to navigate and read the display. I will be using this to play music while I drum. It will be velcroed to my mixer stand and I will primarily be operating it 1 finger while I'm holding a drumstick in the other hand.


I have several mp3 players but none that I could use to drum to. I use my iphone for other things, my 160GB ipod classic runs my car stereo, my old 20GB Ipod clickwheel has a monocrome LCD that is slow, hard to read, and I don't want to have to use itunes to put music on it.




I was looking at the Sanza Clip with the 1" OLED display. IT's too small memory wise but has a microsd slot and I've heard good things about them. How good is the headphone amp on it and does it have a fast interface, EQ or bass boost etc.


I would just buy another Walkman but from what I read, lots of people had the same problem I did so no more of that.





In summary


Needs to be easy to operate one handed.

Will mostly be used velcroed to a mixer stand

Must be able to drive headphones loud enough to drum to

Must have a fast and easy to use interface

Must be easy to read song titles


And I would like to keep it under $70