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Auditioning Headphones in Calgary, Canada

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Hi There,

I've been reviewing the different closed headphones here and have narrowed down my choices to a few. I'm looking to audition these choices now and wanted to find out if anyone knew where I might be able to find these in Calgary. Specifically I'm looking to audition the ATH-M50, HD 25-1 II, and the Beyerdynamic T5P. I've tried the local big electronic stores like Future Shop and Best Buy but they do not have these models.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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I'm not sure about those particular models, but I know that K&W Audio (in the beltline) has some of the higher end Sennheiser and Grado cans, and that's where I bought my PSB M4U 2. If you can make it there, I suggest you also check out the PSB M4U 1 which is probably close enough to the HD-25 in price.


Their web-site kinda sucks as it doesn't list any of the gear they sell, but they do have headphones. There's also a stereo shop on 8th Ave & 11 St SW (Sounds of Music maybe?) that might. They're a high-end audio store, though, so might not have any lower-end headphones (if they even sell headphones).


Edit: 5 seconds on the Sennheiser Canada page reveals a few more vendors:


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