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For Sale: Mad Dogs Fostex t50rp

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Mad Dogs Fostex t50rp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These have been very lightly used.

I have looked and honestly cannot find a single fault cosmetically.

Sounds great and is in 9.9/10 condition.


If you are considering these, I'm assuming you know what they are, but just a little comparison to my HD 600's.

I like them EQUALLY.  HD600 more for classical, Mad dogs more for fun music.

The HD600 sounds a bit more spacious.  Mad dogs excel at being very clear... no background noise.  Juicy sound, very clean.

These actually sound great unamped and straight out of my macbook.


Only selling these cause I've decided to save up for a LCD 2 =)

Asking $190 + shipping for quick sale.

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will post pics later

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AWESOME price!!! Good luck!

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Interested in the pictures.

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PM'd cool.gif

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Interested in the pictures as well, and just to confirm Shure pads correct?

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These have been sold smily_headphones1.gif
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