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eph-100 for samsung p3?

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hello! its my first post/thread!


first of all i want to apologise for my english. its not good.


my problem is i search something for my samsung p3 and to listen just from computer. its hard for me because theres alot of earphones that i cannot check by myself.


i would want to know if yamaha eph-100 isnt too dark for samsung p3.


what do i likie

- i love ex85 sound. love it. everything - nice boomy bass (but not too much like in ne6 which i hate) and it can go deep. maybe not so deep but deep enough to enjoy.

- i love when earphones have coloured and a bit higher 4khz tones. it gives me great sound and volume of electric guitars and vocal.

- vocal cannot be hidden. even if ex85 are warm earphones vocal was standing in his place. it can be even more in front like audeo for me

- it cannot have any sibbilance. audeo was a bit too sharp at SSS TTT, and higher tones overall.

- highest tones can be a bit downed, but it cannot interact vocals as above points.


if someone can compare ex85 or ne700x to eph-100 espesially in context of dark/warm aspect.

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Eph is a good low power choice that does a good job balancing between sibilance and dark sound.
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but do you think it would be too warm/dark choice for dark/warm player itself?

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It should be fine. The EPH-100 is not all that warm to begin with (and I would definitely not say that they're dark), so it should be fine to use a slightly warm source, but to be honest, I'm not sure at all how the Samsung P3 sounds at all. NE-700x is warmer sounding as a result of the bass bleeding into the mids, which the EPH-100 does not have. EPH-100 has excellent low extension too. And it has smoothed highs, so basically no harshness or sibilance. I'm sure that the EPH-100 will be fine though on the P3.

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thank you for responding. i appreciate that.


if anyone has something to say more about it i will be glad

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