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This is my first post in an international audiophile forum.


So, it's been a year since I used the setup of RoCoo-P (previously iPhone 3GS) + Phonak Audeo Pfe 132, which is satisfying for me. I really like how it suits my needs, like :

  • FLAC compatible (although I'm still listening mainly to 320kbps mp3 files)
  • Expandable memory (I'm using a formatted 64GB microSD)
  • Drag and Drop simplicity to transfer music
  • Powerful sound for Phonak Audeo Pfe 132 (which beats my old iPhone 3GS)
  • Lightweight


But it also has some flaws, thus after saving enough money, I'm looking for replacement, while looking to retain those things that I like in RoCoo-P. I'd like to buy a portable source without downgrade in sound quality, which is able to display album art (something RoCoo-P can't do). Other minor flaws that I hate from RoCoo-P are the physical buttons, which can be annoying when searching for music within huge library of 64GB storage and the slow start-up, while loading the microSD (although it's understandable, that other music player should behave like this as well).


I've done some research and so far it's down to iRiver AK100 (it's really expensive for me) and Cowon D3 (some says it's laggy when browsing microSD card). Are there any better alternatives to suit my needs? I'm not even that sure with my narrowed choices.