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Depends on what you interpret to be sufficient. They are full enough on bass to handle any genre, in fact they do edm pretty well. They will better than the hd280 and considered an upgrade
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bachatum, thanks so much for doing that. So I take it the M-50s did not produce the type of bass I'm looking for? I have the Sennheiser HD280 Pros, as a point of reference, and they fall a bit short of what I want. 

Bassophile, is there anyway to make sure I'm getting the older, bass-heavier model?
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As an owner of the newer model M50s (white box), I can say that they are neither bass light, nor do they have forward mids. They do not, however, have the molar-rattling-bass that some have reported on the older M50s. I would not describe the highs as edgy, but there certainly is a certain amount of treble emphasis with these cans.

Really? Are the mids just moderately recessed, then?

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The difference between different revisions isn't gonna be that big, so either way you'll be able to EQ them a little to your preference and possibly revert changes (if there were any) on newer version.

I still can't believe how muched mine S600's changed after some serious EQ... It's like a whole different league... I assume M50 should also have some potential in them and room for improvement in any direction.

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Really? Are the mids just moderately recessed, then?

Yes, I think that "moderately recessed" would be quite an apt description. Depending, of course, on your definition of "moderately".

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I've listened to the white box version, and I'm a current owner of the blue box m50s. The main difference is the bass quantity on the blue box is greater, the midrange is a bit more recessed, and the treble has a nice sparkle. The white box version is more subdued in the bass department, the midrange is a bit more elevated, and the sparkle in the upper frequencies isn't as pronounced as the blue box version. It's totally possible to eq one or the other to make them sound like each other, though.


The bass on the m50s is adequate. It isn't like the bass of the bassier headphones like the Pro700MKII or the M-100, but it has a nice punch to them, and it's relatively clean sounding (the pro700mk2's sound cleaner). I've used these headphones for about 3 years, and I still say that they're some great all-rounders. 

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