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Your thoughts ?

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$3k, headphone, amp, and source. Tell me how I should spend it ?

Do your best
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$1600 for a used SR-007, $1400 for a used 727, existing source? 

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In my 2 channel word I am using Rega TT and Sony XA5400 player. Primarily thinking CD /SACD source for headphone world. Have a lot of SACD so not necessarily thinking DAC. Could push the $3k boundary if it would make a difference
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So yeah, I'd go with that - SR-007, SRM-727, use your stereo source :)  I just love the XA5400, I had one for a time

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HE-6 used if possible- $1k
decent used speaker amp $.5k
Lynx Hilo or similar $1.8 k (route your tt through it for A/D)
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Burson Conductor(1800$) + Audeze LCD2(1000$) .

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---------- Main Course($2024)

1.Stax SR-407 (new) ($524 http://www.pricejapan.com/)


2.Stax Srm-1/MkII (Used) (~$400 check the listings here try to get revision C if you can)


3.Metrum Octave (Dac Tech seems to be rocketing upwards so its worth a look) ($1100 http://hifiheaven.net/store/Metrum-Acoustics-NOS-Mini-DAC-Octave)


----------Side Dishes ($635)

1. PSAudio Dectet Power Center (Power Cleaner) ($495 http://www.psaudio.com/shop/dectet-power-center/) You should probably have a surge protector for your valuable gear and this one at least probably wont hurt the audio quality and might help. 


2.DH Labs BL1 RCA Cables ($75 http://www.moon-audio.com/dh-labs-bl-1-custom-built-interconnects.html)


3.Moon Audio Black Dragon 75ohm mini coax ($65 http://www.moon-audio.com/black-dragon-75-ohm-mini-coax-digital-cable-for-the-hifiman-player.html)



Shipping, Taxes, Maybe a Recap of the SRM-1, Special power cables if you want them. All told this will get you very close to 3k if not a little over. 

Disclamer: Most of this is what I saw fit to buy recently, the rest I want. What I did purchase is still in the mail but I don't have the depth of experience that others do here. Just don't forget to add in the ancillary bits like cables, shipping and taxes because those things can have a significant impact on your cost. 


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