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  1/25/2013  :   I am a KOREAN WAR VETERAN(MED-EVAC HELICOPTER PILOT) that has suffered some hearing loss and constant ringing in my ears since battle. I have asked SPRINT for the loudest audio output from the ear speaker and NO ONE at sprint HAS TRIED OR DOES NOT CARE TO HELP ME TO THIS DAY!


  I have tried 5 different bluetooth headsets to no avail and was told by the manufacturers that the loudness in the headset depends completely by the audio output of the cell phone itself.


  I am on a low fixed income so, I can not afford the rich mens  smart phones.


  Is there anyone that can help me in any way ?


  My wife and I are 77 y.o. invalids and I need a cell phone for emergency communication in case of an emergency. We use it for no other reason.


  Thank you for listening. I am at wits end with the way Sprint has treated my problem but I can not afford the high monthly cost of other carriers.


  Sincerely yours,