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I'm a bit on a panic and rushing.  A friend of mine in the Philippines got tagged a picture of some unknown headphones at a cheap price.  Apparently she's on the market for one.  I searched online about said headphones and I found out it's a knock-off of an already unknown product.  So I got worried and tried to convince my friend to stay away from it.


I kept recommending some names and models she might want to check out (strongly recommended ATH-M50 and SRH840 since those are the cheapest headphones I tried and was satisfied with). The problem is, even those are out of her budget.  I've never looked at headphones cheaper than that.  And I don't know any reliable stores in the Philippines (Baguio City) where she could at least audition (to possibly convince her to save up a bit more).  She's got a decent paying job but I couldn't blame here putting other things in priority.  But I want her to be a bit more involved in the audiophile world since she's about to step in there anyway.  If it comes down to it, I could help her out.  Either I send her some extra cash or buy the stuff here and send it to her (although the prices here are marked up really high... M50 and 840 are about $220... that high).  

She stated her budget is about 500 to 1k pesos... which I believe is quite low, and I've never even heard of cans that could be good enough for such a price.  This is why I'm considering on helping out but I could only go so far.

She was looking at closed and circumaural phones.

I don't know her source but I believe she's not willing to get an amp... for now (we'll see about that).

I couldn't squeeze out info about her music preference but since she lives in Baguio, I could only assume she likes country music.  She simply stated (rough translation), "I'm okay with anything as long as it doesn't sound like speakers in a can, and not thunderous."


So some questions if you'd please help me out.

1.  Could you please recommend some stores in the Philippines (with an online website along with pricing, if possible) close to Baguio City.

2.  Could you please recommend some cheap but good enough for its price, cans?  I mentioned TDK to her but I couldn't find the model particularly reviewed here (with good results).

3.  I couldn't find the thread(s) of cheap cans here.  I was hoping I could check out those models recommended and see how much I'd spend for her... just in case... not so keen but if that's what it takes...


The supposed original:


The copy:


Please help.  I want at least one of my friends to be introduced to better sounding cans.