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For Sale: FS: ACS T1 in excellent condition!

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For Sale:
FS: ACS T1 in excellent condition!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there fellow Head-fi'ers,


I've decided to let go my ACS T1, which I've got from polish distributor of ACS products. Those are excellent IEM-s, there's no doubt about it. Product was rarely used, and is in very good condition, but of course you'll need to reshell those, AFAIK ACS does that, and one company in Poland as well.


I'm selling my pair with leather case, 3,5/6,3 jack and, of course, pelican case, the original one.


I can send those everywhere, but it's great offer for people from Europe. Buyer pays PayPal fee (if it's not a gift), sending the package in Europe is on me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.





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Hey, do you know if I am able to get these reshelled with UM? Their CIEMs are acrylic while these are silicone. Also, are the cables removable/can be made removable after the reshell?

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AFAIK UM does not do silicone IEM-s but it's worth checking out, as they might do exception. I'll ask. But for 100% there is option to make detachable wire for those without any problem.

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ACS no longer reshell their silicone IEMs.

UM will reshell into Acrylic

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@up - aye, Stephen Guo from UM replied to me, that they can do acrylic shells for those puppies. And aye, ACS no longer reshells them, which is wierd, understandable from company point of view, but wierd... for us.

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OK, listened to them once more after a while. Boy, they do sound great... I'm not letting them go, too freakin' musical, can't resist..... must keep them.

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Wait, what?? I thought I was buying them?
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