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Greetings! I'm thinking about gettin this seemingly too-good-too-be-true DAC. And I'm thinking that for such a low price ~$150 there must be some compromise somewhere.

By appearance, I just don't like that the RCA out is on the front, and there are no LED indicators. But I do have a few questions for you owners, that I hope can build some confidence, since there are no detailed reviews around.



To those who own is DAC.

1. Is it bit-perfect or does it upsample to a selected sample rate?

2. Does it auto select the proper output sample rate? Or must we manually configure it for

each sample rate? 

3. Is there some sort of indicator that shows what sample rate is being output?

4. This dac is powered by DC power but, no DC adapter is included, is this true?

5. Aside from specifications on paper, how do your human ear perceive the sound quality?

6. Where can I buy one in the US.





PS. I need help here too.

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