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Is HD 439 really the best for the price?

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I'm planning to get an headphones, After going through some extensive reviews  I've singled out Sennheiser HD 439 eliminating HD 449, HD 239, PX 100(mark 1),

My requirements

  1. I mostly listen to music from my iPhone 4, sometimes on my PC with a decent sound card.
  2. A decent Noise cancellation or isolation is sufficient.
  3. comfort is very important, even though the listening won't be for longer hours.
  4. I'm not a bass head, but would like to have a decent bass, which is of a wider range and something which would give the thump,
  5. Highs, mids and wide range is important (given my budget, which i feel is decent enough for someone coming from Apple earphones)
  6. I listen to pop, rock, country, and classical (no Metallica for now)
  7. I'm from India so Sennheiser, Sony, Bose, Skull Candy and Beats(imported and costly) are the only available choices.
  8. I would be happy if i get a decent sound stage.
  9. I'm getting PX 100 (not PX 100-ii) for one third the price of HD 4xx's


My thoughts on them

HD 239 isn't big and the wire is thin, while being an open back can i believe it has a bigger sound stage, feels small but costlier than others.


HD 449 has not got the best reviews even though it has a wider frequency range, and the style which I don't believe is a big plus.


HD 439(my choice) I like the choice of detachable cable, velour pad is ok, since others don't have genuine leather. can size is big enough, plastic isn't classy nor the build quality, but guess its sturdy enough to last for few years.

I don't go walking or to gym with them.

Bass is a bit low, but I hope its not very dull (please let me know if the bass is very low).

I don't want to use any amp nor additional converters, hoping its optimized for iPhone as they say.

Hope it has a decent sound stage(give me more idea on the sound stage of HD 439)


PX 100 I'm not interested in it but, I'm getting it for a very low price.


Sorry for such a big question.frown.gif just let me know if i had left out anything, and help me choose, you can also suggest me others which is around the price range of the HD 4xx.

Is my choice of HD 439 right?

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go for hd439... msged u my experience with them
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