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IEMs with Mic <$60

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Hi All,


I am very new to this forum, but i have been going through many post here to find out the best IEM for my I-phone 4 & Samsung galaxy s. I wanted someone to suggest me the best IEM with Mic which would be lesser than $60.


Good sound quality, Good looks, Good comfort are my basic requirements


Currently i have shortlisted to 

 1. Soundmagic E10M

 2. JVC HA-FR201


I also have shortlisted

Klipsch S4i II

Klipsch S4i Rugged in <$100 category when the <$60 does'nt have something which isn't that good..



Thanks in advance.

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You can look into the MEElectronics CC51P, Brainwavz R1 and M5, all of them are under $60.


EDIT: ohh, and of course, the Sony MH1C are an excellent option too.

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Hi Fernito,


Thanks for the quick reply :). I have gone through the reviews for R1 and found that R1 is awesome IEMs than M5, everything is good with R1 except for the of position mic which seems to be weird siting too high and MEElectronics CC51P seems to be very old model.. How about MEElectronics M6P or MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 i read good reviews about them as well..


Now my list is..


1. Soundmagic E10M ( I like the Black and Red look :))

2. JVC HA-FR201 ( I like the Black and Red look :))

3. Brainwavz R1

4. MEElectronics M6P ( I like the look :), but read that its difficult to fit the memory wire correctly everytime)


Can anyone please help me select right one for me :)

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I wouldn't rule out the CC51P from that list. I have tried all the R1, M5 and CC51P, and IMHO the MEElect are the best sounding.

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T-Peos D200 may have a android model.

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Hi Randomkid,


What is the difference between T-Peos D201 and T-Peos D202 ?

Which one is good to use with android and iphone for music and calls?


Now my list is like.. 



T-Peos D202PR
Soundmagic E10M
All the above 3 have my fav Red and Black combination :), Can you let me know the best in these?
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I have 201 which is iPhone, don't know about the other models
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The iPhone (CTIA) and galaxy s (OMTP) have different format headphone sockets, so you need a TRRS adapter to use the same IEM (with mic) on both phones.
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Hi All,


Got my D-202 PR today, its definitely awesome & bang for buck earphones which satisfies all of my requirements.


Thanks everyone for support & suggestion..



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