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K701 and RS1/HF1... the best at what they do

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Coming from Grado RS1-land...


I have had a K701 now for a week and its been a lot of fun re-discovering all the hidden nuances in my favorite CDs and live recordings.  My 701 is well used from ~2007, serial number in the 11000 range.  The "bass shy" era if you will.  Its a very dry and what some would call analytical headphone, and its been fun picking apart sounds in my brain as the 701 unfolds them.


So I'm listening to John Fogerty "Centerfield" live recording and WHOA!!  HE MISSES A NOTE (!!) in the opening signature riff.  WTH... theres supposed to be a note THERE!!!???  Has he ALWAYS done it this way on this DVD?  He plays the riff again as the tune progresses,,, and SURE enough that note is missing just as before!!!  Now I have heard this tune 100's of times, if not thousands on my RS1 and HF1.  I have played it myself 100's of times.  After a long day its a real pick me up to play it and hear it.   All this time I never realized I play it with an extra note and John skips it!!!  Those of you who also play instruments know exactly what I am talking about.


I think with the wood Grados I'm just humming, singing, foot stomping, playing air guitar / drums and just GROOVIN to the tunes.

With the white detail-beast, I'm nit-picking every note, dissecting the tunes as the K701 slows time and picks it all apart for me.


Shocking, surprising that I'm hearing this tune for the first time "this way" on the K701... and I've just gotta say its a real treat to have all 3 of these great cans in my collection.  They're each great at what they do. 



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Those K701 pads look beat up from the feet up. ph34r.gif

I agree, more or less, with your experiences on the two cans though. 701 are very good for analysis; RS-1 for toe-tapping.
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