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FiiO A1 question

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I was wondering would I be able to use 2 of my speakers from myPolk Audio RM75 set and use them with the FiiO A1. If I can would it be just a simple hook up or do I need something else?

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A1 is only for 2 channels. What you need is a receiver with 4 channels + centre channels output.

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I'm only looking to use 2 speakers from that set though. Sorry should have mention that.

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Then you should be fine.

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ok thanks. So is the hook up pretty straight forward? Do I need any special wire to connect the amp to the computer and the amp to the speakers. I got speaker wires I can re use from my previous setup. Just not sure what else I need

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You'll need a double ended male 1/8" TRS (standard mini headphone jack on both ends) and some speaker wire. That's it, nothing special would be required. If you know how to solder you could tin the ends of the wire before attaching them to the speakers and amp to prevent corrosion, but it's not necessary.

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