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Yeah that makes no sense considering RR does excellent 24/176.4 recordings...


The other factor is that now me and my friends are having terrible luck with "remasters". Probably about the last 10 out of 10 hires downloads we've bought have been worse than out previous CD or DVD-A (24/96) rips. Now the always seem to be compressing the dynamic range and push the treble (I guess to prove there is more detail there)... Either they are just using a single remastering for streaming, radio, and headphones, or they just don't get it... Grr...

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they just don't get it... Grr...

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I'm sure someone has said already, but the company Ifi claim they did extensive research into which chip is the best for DSD and chose the Burr Brown 1793 (prior to TI's acquisition of the company and the PCM1793). They say it seems to be the only chip designed to do both DSD and PCM equally well, or words to that effect.

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I do think there is a future for DSD, but not in the traditional separate DAC/Amp sections that we use today. DSD is a pulse density modulated(PDM) signal that is extremely similar to the pulse width modulation(PWM) that class D amplifiers use. This means you could maintain the purity of the signal by discarding the DAC and feeding it straight to the Class D processor with some minor conversion of the signal but nothing like the D/A conversion required for a typical setup.


There are very few truly digital amp, like the NAD M2 amp, but I am sure they tend to take PCM and use some sort of signal processing to make it compatible for the class D stage. Starting with a DSD signal seems to reduce the potential for signal modification in this setup and would reduce some of the hardware requirements that go with it.


While this probably won't happen exactly as I described, I do think it is inevitable that we'll have systems that maintain a digital signal until the headphone outputs. For speakers I think it will go even further with an amp at each driver that are fed signals from a DSP instead of using passive crossovers, thereby maintaining a digital signal all the way to the speaker drivers themselves.

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