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How do you adjust for the summer heat?

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I'm very new to headphones and I feel stupid for not making this transition years ago (from cheap IEMs).  I enjoy circumaural very much.  And really love my walks and hikes more, now that I get to wear such comfortable (and warm) headphones this winter.


But I'm a very sweaty person.  And summer is coming near and I sweat even just by sitting under a shade.  Let alone my walks at night.  I manage to stay comfortable by wearing towels like a vest (under my shirt).  But now I wonder how I could keep my headphones from absorbing too much sweat when summer comes.  I saw one mod of a phone where he/she puts a Q-tip on the phones to adjust for fit.  Would placing an absorbent material help me avoid soaking the earcups?  But wouldn't that also cause leaking?  Currently, I have DT770 and M50.  I'm more worried about the Beyerdynamic's velour pads.


Any suggestions?

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It is 20 degrees.:P

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I would love to know too.

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Woah, slow down, it's not even spring yet.

What you could do is have two pairs of earpads.  One for indoors and one for outdoors.  Somehow identify them.  You'll want to wipe them down every few days or any day you were really sweaty.

You could also look for velour pads as it might help with keeping your ears dry outside as it's a very ventilated material.

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It's -6 degrees celsius (21 degrees fahrenheit) here and I'm already sweating when I walk.  It's why I only use M50 with its pleather cups 'cause I thought I could just wipe the sweat every after a couple of songs.  I'm that sweaty.  Apparently, it's the wrong decision then?  Velour pads for outside? But it's great idea that I get extra pairs of pads.  Thank you.

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Buy cheap... my KSC75s have been completely drenched in sweat all over and back again.  The mylar drivers have dried up sweat stains on them from the years of soaking them during my afternoon jogs.  LOL increased driver exposure is one of the negatives from Kramer modding them.

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