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The absolute king of sub 50$ headphones is the JVC ha-rx700. I've tried many budget headphones, and they are still the best. Very large though.

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Thanks - I will consider the JVCs.  Just for anyone else looking in a lower price range - the Monoprice 8323s are great headphones, but they don't perform as well and aren't as comfortable as the HD419.  Because they're approximately the same price, I would definitely buy the HD419 instead (for those looking to spend ~$30).  I just ordered a pair of the Somics mentioned in another thread, and I'll update with how those are.


Also, surprisingly, my PX100s remain the best-sounding of the bunch.  I had thought that they would be outperformed by a full-size can, but they are yet to be beaten in my price range (at least for me).

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Update - Specifically, I ordered the Somic EFI-82MT.  I did a bit of research into the company, and they rebrand several OEMs of varying quality.  Their ear clips are foster ($8 for a $50 foster).  I'll update this thread with a review, but the delivery might take a while (Chinese new year).


It's fascinating - I got the PX100s over five years ago and assumed I was missing out by not buying something full-size, but really, it's the best I've tried (and I tried the CAL!).

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How would the CAL compare to the Koss Dj100s?
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The CAL beats in every category except durability - the build is not as rigid.  If you have the Grado sr60 now, the dj100 uses the same driver (albeit in a closed can).  The CAL uses a Denon (foster oem) driver.

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Which one provides better isolation and comfort? These will be for work.



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Thanks for the replies - really appreciate it.  I just picked up the Monoprice 8323 - kinda meh.  I'm now deciding between the HD 595/555, CAL, Superlux 668b/681, and Takstar Hi2050.  As I already have the Monoprice and HD419, I don't consider isolation to be a necessity.  Also, I have a pair of PX100s (which are awesome), so feel free to compare against that.  Thanks!


which did you end up getting and can you do a review?

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