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Headphone stories(general)

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I didn't see one of these threads so I thought I just created one...and I am in writing mood.

It was today at work that I was an audiophile in public for the first time.
We talked about headphones at work and that her and my earplugs aren't really great and comfy to our ears, and then I finally lead her into full headphones beceause she said, she didn't like in-ear ones like I did.

She came up with the idea that she wanted to buy beats and harvested my whole audiophile rage.

After calming myself over how bad my brother's beats solo HD are in comparison to my koss porta pro, she agreed to have a listen to them tomorrow.

I hope she will be as amazed by my cans as my friends and I were, imaging that I only paid 24 € for them.

I will post the result of the test tomorrow at this time.

See you folks smily_headphones1.gif
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I never thought I'd be writing to Penthouse Head-Fi Forums...

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no girl in their right mind would like the porta pro

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she's not that clever, but so far she likes the comfort and the looks.
I'm curious if the sound pleases her too...
To be continued
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Originally Posted by stainless824 View Post

no girl in their right mind would like the porta pro

Actually, she liked the sound of it and I sent her the link today to buy it. Sometimes it comes diffrent than you think wink.gif

She turned her phone as loud as she could and we all could hear the music. I hope she won't be deaf because of me and my headphones soon...
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Warning: NSFW! (Click to show)


Tom Fuller's Adventure in Audiophile Land


It was an ordinary day, the sun was shining, the birds chirping and the post man is delivering his packages, carefully avoiding dogs that barked at his presence. Today however, is anything but ordinary for our main character, Tom Fuller (Look up Tomfoolery if you don't get the joke). For day, it'll be Tom's first time listening to audiophile quality headphone.


You could say that Tom is a virgin when it comes the joys of audiophilia. The door bell rang, and Tom knew exactly why. He rushed downstairs to the front door, and find no but the postman, holding onto his big package. His amplifier, DAC and headphones have arrived. After thanking the postman for the delivery, Tom eagerly stepped into his study, where all of his music, now re-downloaded in the most high definition format available, awaits him. His ears perked up, expectant of the pleasures that awaits Tom. Tom finds himself shaking as he stripped away the packaging, revealing the seductive aluminium finish of his amp. Tom took off his glasses, he did not want anything getting between his ears and the beautiful audio he desired. As he connected his system together, his hands gently moved across the surface of his DAC, admiring its luxurious curves. With a trembling hand, Tom pushed the power button to his amp. As the amp turned on, Tom felt the heat from the tubes, and his ears screamed with the force of a thousand tinnituses, yearning for the sound. As Tom plugged in his headphones, the connectors linked together with a satisfying click. It was time.


Tom was not sure if he was ready for it all, but he is in far too deep to turn back now. His finger touched down on the play button, full aware of what is going to happen, and then, it hit him. "Aaaahh~" Tom moaned involuntarily, lost deep in the pleasures of his cans. Each note of the music hit his ears, strong and yet pleasurable. The bass showed him frequencies he did not know before, the mids bewitched him and the treble gently sent shivers down his spine. This was heaven.


Hours later, Tom removed his headphones, his eyes half closed and his mind numb from the pleasure. he managed to get back onto his bed, and dropped onto it. As he drifted off into the dream world, a smile appeared across his face, for tomorrow, he will do this all again.




I regret nothing

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Well, you shouldn't because this is how I imagine the day in march where this happens to me smily_headphones1.gif
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