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For Sale: FS: Ayon Skylla ll DAC/ Preamp

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For Sale:
FS: Ayon Skylla ll DAC/ Preamp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The Ayon Skylla ll is one of the finest and most musical DAC’s you can buy at any price according to several audio reviews.  It has SPDIF, COAX, and USB, and TOSLINK inputs plus RCA and balanced outputs.  It also has a fabulous analogue tube pre-amp built in so you can hook it up directly to your amplifier and use the digital remote control to attenuate volume.  You can even use it as a stand-alone preamp as well.


This is the Same DAC and preamp that is in the famous award winning Ayon CD-5s, although Ayon does claim the DAC’s performance is slightly superior to the CD5s due to a few tweaks which could not be performed in the CD-5s itself.


I use the USB Asynchronous input direct from my Mac Mini.   It is “FABULOUS”.  I have also tried the Legato USB to SPDIF converter and the results are fantastic.


This DAC offers low, medium, and high voltage outputs, and has the option to upsample to 24/192 or to listen to music in it’s native recording.


I directly compared this DAC to the Reimyo DAP-999EX in my home for several months and I, and my family preferred the Ayon.  It was, to our ears- more natural sounding and pleasing.


The Ayon Skylla ll DAC retails for $8,500.  I changed all eleven of the standard fuses inside the DAC for “Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme” fuses.  That cost me close to $600.  In addition, I bought an extra set of tubes, - eight in total which were all matched and selected by Ayon and purchased direct from them.  This extra set of tubes cost me $550.  The fuses and the extra set of tubes are included in the package as they will have much value to the buyer and offer me very little in terms of resale value.


In addition, I have a set of balanced IC’s from Ridge Street Audio called the “Poemia rv3”.   I compared them directly to some of the best and most expensive cables in the world including the “Kubla-Sosna Elation” IC’s and found these superior.  These IC’s cost me around $1,000.  I include them in this package for two reasons.


1.     It is not worth it to sell them separately since they are impedance matched specifically for this DAC.

2.     These IC’s will increase the buyer’s pleasure from the DAC immeasurably



I am selling this entire package for $4,500 including shipping, Pay Pal fees, and Audiogon fees to anywhere in the world by EMS express shipping- insured.


Original box, packing, remote, instructions all included.


There are three small nicks to mention.  One on the back left side of the unit and two on the remote.   Pictures have been taken and included.  Otherwise, the unit looks fabulous and sounds perfect..  I am rating it a 7/10 to be conservative and because of those small nicks.


Unit is 220-240 volt, 50 Hertz version.  A proper transformer will not harm the sonic presentation at all if 110 volt is needed.


I have some feedback on Head-fi and my Audiogon name is “tzvir”.  Please check my perfect feedback.


Thanks for reading my advertisement.

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