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Looking for new earbuds!

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Hello everyone,


So I am looking for a new pair of earbuds since one side of my last pair died again.. ;(


Now I really dont like it if they go deep into the ear canal.

Because for some reason there will always be a little bit of ear wax getting to the grill, and I keep myself clean don't worry.


So I was looking at the Bang&Olufsen but they get mixed reviews, however I'm not really an audiophile so I'm probably not that harsh on it, I just like clean sound.

But if there are any earbuds that use those silicone tips to seal off the ear, thats fine as long as they don't go to deep.


Also do you lose all soundstage with in ear earbuds? Since they don't have vents?


I really like the a8's don't hate on me :/, but I'm a bit put off that they have a bit of an open design so everyone around me would be able to hear me am I correct?


Feel free to leave your recommendations.

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Maybe Klipsch could be a compromise? The higher end models are liked by many, and the S4 is "good enough". Their silicone tips have narrower openings, and any wax I've seen on mine has stayed in the opening of the tip without reaching the nozzle of the housing. So if you're worried about build-up, maybe a design like that could be easier to handle? And since the tips are silicone, they are easy to clean. Very resilient material, you could probably zip them up in a pocket and run them with the laundry many times before they start to degrade. But.. a little soap is usually enough.

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For some reason with mine, the earwax seems to reach the grill, you know at the opening of the product itself.


Do you think I insert them to deep? It's neigh impossible to clean when it reaches there.


I've also been looking at the Yuin Pk2 or Ok models, but im not sure about there fit, as the standard apple bud is prone to fall out with my ear, and I like to wear them while cycling, thats why the Bang&Olufsen a8 looked good to me.

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The Apple new earbuds are pretty good sounding and less chances to get earwax because they stay in outer ear like earbuds and small nossel make sure no earwax. The other earbuds like Sennheiser MX series Sony and JVC are pretty good.

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i dont think i would like the apple earbuds, what do you guys think of the yuin pk2 or the b&o a8?

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Have not tried the PK2 but for less than $30 the PK3 is just great for casual listening. They sound a little colored (but who cares, they're fun to listen to), are durable enough, easy to drive and fit comfortably  in the ears.

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I think I will definitely give those a try, but i read on amazon that people complain about the quality.

I do intend to take the earphones with me during bicycle rides and to school in my bags, do you think they will break?

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The PK series don't seem to break easily unless you treat them badly (and they come with a nice and handy canister for storage). Earbuds generally don't have the most robust cables out there so that's the most common problem with them. It comes down to your priority:


- Durablity > SQ: Sennheiser MX680 (the Senn sound decent though PK3 beats them in musicality)

- SQ > durability: PK2/PK3

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