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Originally Posted by rudi0504 View Post


AK 100 stock + ibasso DB 2 via optical cable + alo Rx 3 B or the intruder is one if the best AK 100 stock combo 


overal : more clear , more detail , has better tonal balance and better bass impact and very

             Clean deep bass.




Will this work with ak120 instead? What do I miss out if I skip the ibasso DB 2?

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I have not tried this connector, if someone does let me know. I will order that connector in the meantime.


But the good news is you can use the Apple Lightning to USB cable and DA convert files off your iPhone or iPad using the Internationals internal DAC. We displayed 2 using iPad minis at the RMAF show swapping our peoples phones, worked great sounded awesome. 





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A little off topic, but would using the CCK also work with your PanAm DAC/Amp?


I guess I'm just curious if you tried...

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Originally Posted by j60868 View Post

Will this work with ak120 instead? What do I miss out if I skip the ibasso DB 2?

Yes it is sound more perfect than AK 100 AS transport
Note : My IBasso dB 2 is full mod By My diy Friend Alex
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Hi which of the amps has better pairing withy jh13fp? The international or rsa intruder?
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Ken and Voteforpedro,
Have you had the opportunity to play further with adapters and cables? Any recommendation you'd be recommending for the agonising traveller? I have been using the CCK in the past but found it was not holding firm enough for me to carry an iPad 2 around.
Many thanks,
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I have a new cable on order with Double Helix. I ordered their Symbiote Hybrid. I do hope the sound signature changes some in favor of a more bright sound without losing the warm bass. Since iOS 7 now works with the CCK and any USB amp, you aren't stuck with using your iPad 2, as an iPhone or iPod will now work as well. Just a heads up.

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Thank you Voteforpedro.
The news that we don't have to use the CCK, as per Ken's message and video is a fantastic news.
I was wondering if you had tried other lightning adapters, USB cables, to shorten the first set up shown by Ken on the video.
Many thanks,
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Hi Ken and voteforpedro,


i am using international as a dec/amp combo with CCK to my iPhone 4s.. and i noticed i have not use the balance input, and just use the usb input. do you have any idea that i could use the balance input with my iPhone?

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Does anyone know what the difference between the International and the International+ is? The back seems different, but other than that, are there any internal changes? I haven't found anything on Google.


EDIT: I'm also trying to use this with an iPhone 5S  via CCK, and it's not working. I haven't received any error messages about power or anything, so I really don't know what's going on. Can anyone else confirm? It's the International+, by the way.

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Presumably same as Mk3b+ but not aware of any announcement of a new alo amp
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Well, I have an International+ right here. The back has two micro-USB ports (one for data, one for charging) and a balanced-in port. The front looks exactly the same as the original. And the iPhone issue is still present. Should I go for a Lightning-30pin-LOD solution instead?

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What app are you using to play your hi res files?  The stock player will not play above 24/48 I believe...

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I don't have hi-res files. They're all 16/44.1, and I'm most likely sticking with that.

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Sooo.. it's real. I wonder what the full specs of the old International were....




By the way, I'm still not sure why my iPhone didn't register the DAC. Is this a 5s issue vs. 5? I'm gonna go for the LOD-to-amp solution instead.

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