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Hello Everyone;


Have being meaning to post a thread about the Halide Design DAC for a while now.discovered several threads/posts,

So this is mainly about the best combination of DAC (see above) Plus the following

Would be really intersted to hear from folk who actually use one and in what combination? I am looking to buy either a Tablet or Ultrabook?Most of my music is kept as 24/96 Files.I currently run a Dell Studio 32 Bit Laptop-win8


I am hoping very much to put together a good all round audio set up was thinking of returning to the AUDIOENGINE A5+s (had the originals and sold themredface.gif this time around was thinking I really need a SUBWOOFER Audioengine make one so it would be easy to buy this,But I wish to make sure there are no other better alternatives?


Any Suggestions or alternative options,always appreciated


Many Thanks In Advance

Regards Stevebeerchug.gif