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hi there,


been reading for a while now here and thought it was time for my first topic. (mods: please move if not in the right section)


i owned and used a pair of sennheiser HD590 for ..what is it? ...over 13 years now?

wore em on a daily basis for at least 5 hours a day in the studio.


but they are worn out now. foam in earpads all gone. innerlining crumbled. headbandfoam completely gone. so time for a new one.

tried other ones but am so used to the sound that i wanted an other one.


luckily i could get my hand on a mint never used pair (atleast thats what they look like). got em a few days ago but..... the volume level is atleast 5 db lower than my old set.


anyone an idea why? need to burn em in?


thanx  in advance