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Should I wait or should I buy?

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I'm thinking about buying a sony Z walkman or a cowon Z2, but I'm just wondering if I should buy it, or wait for a new model? From what I've heard the Sony Z walkman is pretty bad in the batterylife and the cowon Z2 overheats fast and the screen is pretty laggy. I know that the sony F series is the newest one, but I just don't like it and I have heard that the Z is better in terms of audioquality. Is it worth buying, or should I wait for a new model?

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What is your budget? What IEMs do you plan on using with them? What was your old DAP and what are you looking for in your new one?
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If memory (micro-sd) is no concern to you, buy the Sony. The sound is warm and the bass is punchy.


Between the F and Z, I'd go for the Z. Bigger the screen size better for the eyes!


Having owned the Z1060 before the F, the F to me was a downgrade. I had to get rid of it. The Z seems to be discontinued in the Sony website & Sony Stores but can be had from other online retailers at a good price. I dont know where you live, but maybe you can get the Z for a better price (as you mention)


I do recommend a case for the Z, as it gets scratched easily with paint chipping off. The day I bought the Z1050 to now, I have no cosmetic issues.


Also the battery life is pretty good and lives to what it describes. With the newer update you get another another 5 hours which aint bad. so  total of at least 30 hours ain't that bad for something that runs android!


Cowon Z2 does have issues. Heating, automatic shutdown etc. It would be nice i they did some research & provided some firmware update, but for now the Z wins

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Thanks for the answers. I've had a cowon s9, but the power button is broken so I'm heading for a new mp3 player. I like the sound of the cowon, it's very detailed, but kind of boring.


My issue with the Z is the batterylife, I want something that I don't have to recharge everyday. How long can you be on youtube on it? My budget is about 400 dollars (I live in Sweden). I want something with a smooth screen, not something laggy. I want something with a touchscreen, and the sound is the most important thing here. Is it worth waiting a couple of months to see if cowon or sony comes out with a new model, or should I just buy it?

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Since you live in Sweden, by 400 dollars do you mean 400 euro? If that's your budget, would you consider the iiriver ak100? I don't own one but from other posters' review, it has smooth screen, excellent battery life, and good SQ. You can have a look in the ak100 thread in this forum, which is a hot topic right now

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Yes, perhaps 400 euro (well actually we use kronors, not euro) is a more correct way to say it, I just thought it might be easier since a lot of members here are from the USA. The problem with iRiver ak100 is that they don't sell it in Sweden. 

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