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Porta pro vs HD 201, 202, 218 vs RP-HTX7 or maybe something other :)

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Hi. As I said in the topic, I want to buy some good headphones. The maximum prize is 32$. I will be using the headphones for gaming (League of Legends only) and for music, I am listening to all the songs. Can I get a good Razer in this price? They has to be portable, and have a good isolation I will be using them with smartphone (sony ericson live with walkman wt19i). I hope that you will help me to make the correct choice :)

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i had porta pro, sound was very good, but no isolation + huge sound leak + they werent comfortable for me + cable connection to headphone broke multiple times, i just got tired fixing it and bought new pair.
Im now looking myself for new pair to, im deciding between couple of models, maybe they will interest you, sennheiser hd 205 , sennheiser hd 219, sennheiser hd 419, sennheiser px 100ii, beyerdynamic dt 235.
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They are all really nice, but im from Poland, they are expensive here, hd 218 are in the price of ~30$ and 219 HD  costs ~60$, really weird country, all the headphones you have offered cost about ~55$ and i can just give 30$ And how about sennheisers 435 hd?

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as far as i know 218 is pretty much same as 219 expect some design stuff, and hd 201 and 202 are also very headphones,
As far as sennheiser hd 435, i havent done much research on them, but they seem to overall excellent headphones.
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RP-HTX7 are good for the price

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I have modded RP-HTX 7 (trough recabling using Canare L2T2S, Canare F-12 Jack, custom ear pads, and some other adjustment)

Just for below 15$ you can make these cans sounded like 150$ ATH-M50. Once it get "tamed" it sounded awesomebeyersmile.png




It's also sensitive (sometimes can differ mp3 bitrates and show some small noise from any music). That makes the modded RP-HTX7 good for gaming and music monitoring. Since the modded one has better panning, it helps me a lot at locating enemies (at fps games).

Here's my pitch test result from:

Original thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/633360/test-your-ability-to-hear-pitch
Testing page and faq:




I've tried HD 201 and 202 before. These two have muddy sound, good bass, balanced parameters (typical sennheisser headphones).

The downsides is it's sounded "grainy" (which is sounded "cheap" for me) and the built is plastic. IMO, Sennheisser headphone sounded awesome at above 100$ line.

I'll recommend RP-HTX7 or Philips SHP 2700 for cheap budget monitor.

RP-HTX7 has bright and clear sound, cheap for it's quality. The downside of RP-HTX7 is sounded "harsh" and tiring for some people.

(Actually after modding these, I translated the harshness into great detailed treble and nice highs)  


SHP 2700 is good at mid and bass. Just for about 30$ (at my country) it's sounded better than 90$ Senn HD series (I forgot the name). The great downside is it's built which can easily broke. (Dunno why Philips gives crappy body for such good driver)....

I think some Beyerdynamic headphones is wise choice too....I've tried 75$ Beyerdynamic DR 231 PRO and it's sounded better than any 80~100$ headphones lines.....

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