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Been holding off offering a "review" as I'm not too good at flowery reviewer-speak.


Anyway, I have the H118's and GT-40 and like them a lot.  I listen to a lot of hi-rez internet and ripped music (320bit).


Many reviews use the work "neutral".  Yep, that is a good description.  Can wear them for a long time and not really want to take them off.


Pro's - neutral.  Comfortable - some talk about the pads, and yes they are snug - not much room in there for anything but your ears.  Nothing is either overdone or underdone.  Nice detail - I hear things in the mids I don't hear on other sources (good speakers or my other phones).  Things like breaths, fingers on strings, things happening in the recording studio, that probably weren't intended to end up on the recording.  Very nice vocals.


Con's - a couple times (owned them now for a few months) I felt the bass may have caused the drivers to "bottom", but this was on music, that probably had no business being played on headphones.  At the same time, I could feel the extremely low frequencies "pumping" my eardrums - in other words, the phones were trying to reproduce A LOT of air moving.  Not as much "space" around the soundstage, but these are closed phones, and in my experience (admittedly not nearly as broad as other reviewers), open backs seem to create more space.  In other words, sound is more in my head, not so much out in the room.


Other phones I have - Koss ESP-9, Stax SR-40, and a few others I won't mention.


I should mention the GT-40, but I have nothing to compare to - I've only listened to the H118's on the GT-40, and nothing else on the GT-40.  Maybe the above H118 comments are partially attributable to the GT-40.  I just don't know??


Bottom line, I listen to this set-up the most. In fact I waited to write this review until I knew it wasn't the "newness" that was the only thing that I liked.


Ok.  Enough said.

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Thanks for the impressions. 


Can you clarify about the bass "bottom"? I'm not quite sure what you mean there. Do you mean it doesn't reach as low as you would like?

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armaegis By "Bottom' I mean the diaphram (cone) excursion was exceeded due to high amplitude low frequencies and it struck some internal part of the driver. Think of it like if your base reflex subwoofer's code was over driven. Many amplifiers/preamps include a low frequency cut off to avoid this problem. Sounds below that frequency (30hz for example). Given the music that was being played, I believe the problem was not in the headphones but in the music - the recording engineer probably never should have allowed something that low to be put on the recording at that amplitude. You could argue that the amplifier (the GT-40) should have had protection built in to filter low frequencies (simliar to some amplifiiers that would drive speakers). The reason I included the information was for anyone who was expecting to use these phones and expect the phones to play extremely low frequencies at high volumes. Personally, I don't even like the feeling of such low frequecies in my ears (and I suspect prolonged exposure could damage your hearing). Other headphone designs may not be able to reproduce these frequencies at such high volumes. So maybe the message should be, if you want to damage your hearing with loud, low frequencies, don't buy these headphones - they won't sound good while they're ruining your hearing.
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Are you sure the driver is actually hitting something? Or is it just clipping/distorting?

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Driver hitting someting vs. amp distorting? A good question and I have only heard a similar sound when a bass reflex sub did something similar when a source pushed some really low notes and the system was being run at pretty high volume. In that case it was obvious what happened. In this case, I would expect distortion and clipping to not produce a sharp clicking but rather harmonics and harshness. However, in the worst example's case, I heard the clicking of diaphram hitting something (at least that's what it sounded like to me). However, for those thinking about this combination of DAC, Amp and phones, I would not let my experience discourage you unless you play music with really low frequencies and at high volumes and insist on using headphones. The above has only happened a couple times with me, and I woudl blame the music (or recording engineer) more than the Amp + Phones combination. I guess, the GT-40 would be better with a high pass filter, but then everyone would say it ruined the sound. Finally, I would question those who might use headphones to listen to that type of music. it simply doesn't make any sense. If you want to hear it, get a sub. I am a big fan of a sub with headphones. Really low frequencies are felt as much as heard, and require a big diaphram/cone to pump that much air.
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Are you cranking out 20Hz test signals or something? 

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I received these yesterday. Different looking. Weird shape to the earpads but they work. Sound is very nice. I'm not hearing the upper bass emphasis that I read about in other reviews....wondering if they sent me one of the original "balanced" models?

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Anything on how well these are with iPhone power? Also do these have forward mids?
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New  impressions/review just up.


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