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I will be getting both for review.
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So, whatever happened to these? Are they coming out soon?

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This is the best source I could find.  $350 AUD, expected to be in stock mid-April.


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Mine should arrive soon enough
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I suspect these are designed to be used with the ADL portable amps, ie. perfect match in as much as that is possible.

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I didnt get a reply from ADL :(

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I've suddenly lost interest...

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Yeah, it sounded as though they were going to go for well-extended high frequencies.  Too bad.

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I'll still hopefully review them, back in contact with them... Lets see if that review is accurate
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when I heard the headphones I thought they sounded different from audio heads description, by a fair bit. But they did say they were still running it. Please say they have not ruined it!
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Heckuva deal at Needle Doctor with the GT40, $629 for both:



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That's not too shabby... wish their were more impressions out there though. 

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here is a review by dale thorn. i gave them a listen at the high end show and liked them http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/forum/headphone-reviews/3621-furutech-adl-h-118-stereo-headphone-review.html

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They have a similar signature as that of the 650's (I have heard)

According to AudioHead.

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