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Teska, give it a try now.

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Yes, it works now. What was the problem then ?

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As you can see here (which is also posted at the top of the Feedback and Bug Reports forum)...



Can't edit your profile, signature or avatar or create galleries or lists? Due to problems with spam bots, new users will need to have made 10 posts or be a member for 15 days and made 5 posts before they can edit their profile or signature or create lists or galleries.



You did not meet the requirements to post images/galleries, edit your profile, etc.  I changed your account to allow you to edit your profile and upload images.

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OMG, I allready read tons of info but not that one biggrin.gif

I'm not new to forums, so I couldn't understand why I couldn't upload photo's. Usualy one simply pics the img tagged link in Photobucket and that's about it.


But thanks for your trouble beerchug.gif

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Hi Joe,


I have the same problem.  could you help me too?  thanks.

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kcseah, you should be all set now.

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Hi there... been here longer than 15 days and forced myself to make 5 posts...hard thing for me since I feel I can hardly compete with all the audiophiles on here. 


But! I wanted to post pictures of my newest audio gear, and I still can´t do that. Would you please be so kind and look into it?


Thanks alot :)


Edit: Ok it works now. Please disregard my post :)

Edited by DaniDE - 8/11/13 at 4:18pm
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Hi Joe,


It seems like I am no longer able to post photos (it worked a few weeks ago). After entering the image URL, it lets me pick from the three sizes as usual, but when I click Submit it stays at "One moment..." forever and never moves. Sometimes I can hit back but often the popup just stops responding and I have to refresh the page to continue browsing.


I tested I can still post images that exist in my gallery, only posting from URL is not working.


If you need it, this is the URL of the image I am trying to post:






(edit: forgot to post specs: Win7, IE 10)

Edited by MadCow - 9/15/13 at 1:55am
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Thanks for the information, MadCow.  I'm filing a ticket with the tech team.

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Same problem here, mostly a lurker, but i post every now and then, can't show my builds :/



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Hi I've reached the count of 5 posts nut still unable to post any photos. Are u able to help? Thanks in advance!
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christianabiera and Rl-s, you should be all set.

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Hey Joe, I've been lurking for awhile and finally decided to make an account. I haven't reached 5 posts but I wanted to post images with some of my posts. Could you help me out?

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knightzor, give it a try now.

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