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Fast shipment, item met description 100%, would not hesitate to buy from again.
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Alex purchased a cd player from me and the transaction was smoooth! He was very curteous and understaning through the entirety of our correspondence. A great head-fier, a great person--just a pleasure to deal with.


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Good communication and prompt payment. Great transaction overall.

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I bought visia's ATH-EC7, and the transaction was flawless. Everything went quickly and smoothly. The earbuds arrived in perfect condition and well packed. Also friendly and easy to deal with, and no problems going transatlantic. Definitely would do business again.

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I bought some IEMs from him. Everything went very smooth until they arrived: easy negotiation, prompt communication, quick shipping, well-packed. But when I tried them out one channel wasn't working. His reaction was just what you would want from a seller.
--I am sorry
--I checked them before I sent them
--I will refund your money
--Send them back to me at my expense.

I took apart the earpieces and reassembled them after which they worked fine.

Visia is honest and trustworthy, an exemplary head-fier.
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Visia packed the items well, sent them quickly and maintained good communication with me throughout the process.
Will deal with him again.
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So what to tell about Visia?
Accurate pictures of the product, shipped immediately (as promised), packaging that some stores should immitate and patient enough to answer all of my questions.
Despite the continental gap I have no hesitations in dealing with him and I don't believe you should either.
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Alex purchased my Goldring DR150 headphons. He paid quickly after expressing interest. Pleasant communication throughout and a great headfier, would definitely do business with again. Enjoy
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Bought UE SuperFi 5 Pro's of visia, great communications, was great to deal with him - would do again for sure!
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Great peson to deal with.

Have enjoyed communications and am pleased in transaction with him.
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I bought from visia and...

can you say amazing seller and flawless transaction?!

Only my wallet (and maybe my wife) can hate a man like this! However, for this purposes of this post, they don't count! Thanks for the SM3!
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Highly Recommended!!

I traded my HD650 for Alexei's K701.

What can I say. Excellent in every way:

1. Fast and very pleasurable communication
2. Quick decision and fast shipment
3. Best pagackaging I have ever seen. He put extra padding inside the K701 box to make sure the headphones would not move at all and the then the K701 box was shipped inside a big carton box stuffed with extra padding. You could fit five or more K701 boxes in there! Fullproof in any way.
4. Included a gift

Cannot get any better!
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Thanks Alexei!

He bought my iriver H120 and it was a very fast transaction. He paid immediately and a very nice person to deal with. Very polite also

Hope you enjoying it
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I bought his Goldring DR-150 phones, wanted to try them out. Communication was great, he updated me a couple different times during the process, and shipped quickly.

They were excellently packed, arrived here today looking great. Listening now, and they are just plain FUN.

Great deal, great seller. Thanks!
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Bought a sony nw-hd5 from visia. Fast shipping great communication and a fantastic price!

A pleasure to deal with.
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