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For Sale: I C lyr/bifrost combo. SOLD

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
I C lyr/bifrost combo. SOLD

Will Ship To: Canada

Interest check on Lyr/Bifrost combo. Thè lyr has the stock ge tubes (new) and 1959 Amperex hollands(50 hours) The bifrost has the usb. Isolation cones included($50) These are both less than 6 months old, and bought from headphonebar in Vancouver. Looking for $850.00 Cdn. I will pay shipping


Reason for selling:  A fellow headfier made me a balanced cable for my lcd2.2s, and I want to try it out.

I will go to Mol and Guñg.

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Would you be willing to sell just the Lyr?

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^or willing just to sell the bifrost?

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I know that this might be a real longshot, but would anybody have a Gungnir (with usb) they would' like to trade even?

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Well it seems amoeba 1126 wants your lyr and roflbrothel has indicated interest in the bifrost. So can I purchase your Amperex hollands. Now that was easy. 

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If you want to send I could buy everything.....but I'm from Italy (I would pay the ship)


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On hold till statement is released.

Thanks guys

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interest in the Amperex hollands

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