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So I picked up a Technics SL-Q200 turntable (free, from a family member - hell yeah), replaced the old rotted Grado cartridge with a AT92E, and plugged it up to my Apogee Duet, ran it through Logic, and applied the RIAA curve correction and listened to a few records and it sounded pretty alright. I decided I was going to buy a phono preamp anyways to get rid of a little hum problem, but there weren't any noticeable problems aside from that. A few hours later, I open Logic back up and turn input monitoring back on and notice a really weird, persistent smacking noise. I recorded it and it wound up turning into a hiss towards the end. I don't understand what this is. Anyone have any insight? It's not a huge issue, as I'll be changing the setup around anyways once my preamp gets here... But I mean... I'd like to listen to some vinyl in the mean time without an annoying smacking sound in the background, you know?


Here's the recording:

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