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For Sale: Sennheiser HD800

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD800

Will Ship To: Anywhere



If you've come across some of my posts, I am moving up from HD650 (also for sale) and bought the HD800 and LCD-2 to audition them... Having decided that the sound signature of the LCD-2 are more for me (even though I do love the HD800 for classical), I am "required" to sell the HD800 as my fiancee put it.


So you have here a pair of HD800 up for grabs, having never left my apartment and only having about 100 hours on them, mostly classical, jazz, and Diana Krall. The latter deserves her own genre......


$1100 shipped anywhere in North America. I can take Paypal, but please don't send personal payment for your protection and mine! I'll cover shipping and Paypal costs. Shipping elsewhere, we can discuss over PM!

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WTF? paid for it and he disappeared

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Originally Posted by BoxBoxBox View Post

WTF? paid for it and he disappeared


Hopefully, you paid with a credit card and PayPal.  Time to get with your bank or credit card company and have a "charge back" performed ASAP !!

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