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For Sale: Quadraspire Q4 Mini Component Rack

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For Sale:
Quadraspire Q4 Mini Component Rack

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

EDIT : Sale Pending


Room changes have left this nice little 4 shelf rack pretty much unused.


Nice overall physical condition, but shelves have some light scratch marks (very tough to see unless up close), and the bottom shelf has some footer marks (visible in pic). Still, a very visually appealing stand, even my wife didn't complain about it :-)


Shelves are 16" square, they curve in a bit (as seen in pics) and are 15" wide in the center of that curve.


I used this to house a headphone based system using smaller components, and it proved to be a solid and good-looking stand. The shelves can accomodate wider components, too; I also have had a Scdhiit Mjolnir headphone amp on one of the shelves (footers were within the 15-16" width), so it can accomodate many standard width components if needed.


The rack lists for around $400 per the dealer, but I got his demo for $250. I'm selling for $125 cash and carry. Too much of a hassle to disassemble, find a suitable box and ship, plus I want the buyer to see what s/he is getting; so local sale only. I'm in Northeast MA near the NH border.




Todd - skullguise

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PM sent.

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