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hifiman purchase decision

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Hi guys, I am looking to make my yearly equipment purchase and would love some advice. I want to try something from hifiman and with my current living situation(gf moved in) need a pair of closed back cans, the most isolation I get from a pair of HP's are my portapro's. I am also buying a e17 for my nexus7. My budget is $600. I have narrowed down my choices to:
Hifiman he300 and either sound magic hp100 or custom 1 pros
Hifiman he400 and Panasonic rp htf600
My question is are the hifiman he400 so good that I have to have them, or is a he300 a good enough hifiman sound signature experience? Thank you for your replies.
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You need isolation????????????

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Hifiman and isolation don't go together.  Hifiman headphones are bar-none, the most open headphones this side of AKG1000.

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Yeah...all full size hifimans are open-back = full leak.

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Yes guys I know, I want to purchase a hifiman HP AND a closed back can. I prefer open back and own many, I need to add a close back to my collection for listening while crappy girl TV is on or for late night listening.
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I think you should get a cheaper IEM, if you don't have anything against IEMs.  They isolate better than any full size closed headphone, and their price/performance is better than full sized headphones.

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