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Audioquest DragonFly Alternatives

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Looking for a cheaper alternatives to Audioquest DragonFly - a USB dongle that incorporates a DAC and a headphone amp.

Any suggestions?

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I don't have a recommendation, but stay away from the Creative X-fi go pro, lots of noise and sound quality isn't that great, then again it's only $30

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Although the details aren't fully disclosed yet, it looks like HRT's microStreamer could serve as an alternative. The specs list 90mA required USB power, so that could potentially make it usable with tablets like the iPad as well...but again, not many other details listed on the website. MSRP according to a Stereophile report is $190.

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I just ordered one and should receive it this weekend. I really like the designer's efforts at Muse Electronics so I'm looking forward to hearing this little tyke...

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redface.gifHello guys;

Sorry for butting in on this thread but I found your comments both interesting & helpful.

I have another thread starter on associated lines re HALIDE DAC+ AE A5+s ++asking for first hand feedback but as yet no replies.


After reading firstly great reviews and feedback re the Dragonfly I then discovered the HALIDE HD DAC and it seemed to surpass the Dragonfly on most counts? Then by chance I found a review of the HRT's microStreamer not sure if this would be best for home use though?


Now this is where it gets a bit trickybasshead.gifI am looking to put together a compact Audio system? and am unsure weather to buy a Ultrabook/Transformer tablet/laptop or even just a IPAD? this will be used as my music server as 98% of my music are 24/96 Files currently on an ageing Dell Studio laptop.


I thought possibly Ultrabook (see above)-->Halide HD DAC--->RCA Extension---->?RCA Couplers?----> AudioEngine A5+s


I would be very grateful for any thoughts,suggestions,advice re- possible alternatives to the above e.t.c.


many Thanks In advance



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