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If it makes any difference, these are the black ones. 

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If your momentums can fold up then you bought the second generation that was recently announced.


I bought a pair of the original momentums and returned them because they didn't fit around my ears.

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Yeah, these are the originals. I stretched the pads and they fit much better now!
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I have a pair of the original Momentum's.  I talked to Sennheiser today about getting the new earcups for the older Momentums.  They told me that officially they do not support them but that it was pretty easy to mod the fitting to make it work.  Has anyone done this?  I love my Momentums but they are quite uncomfortable after about an hour of wearing them due to my glasses.  I have been putting the headphones on first then laying the side pieces of my glasses on top of the earcups.  That works but is kind of annoying.  

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Would Sennheiser sell us the parts?

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I have a pair of these beauts. Best audio purchase I've ever made.:)

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Just a note for new Momentum customers/owners. The Momentums are a bit dark and closed-in sounding for the first 25-40 hours; they open up considerably after being run in for a bit, so if they are brand new and sound a bit dark, give them some playing time. 

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I bought the Momentum as an upgrade to the HD202, and I'm pretty happy with it, just one question though, is most modern music bass skewed to the left? Or is it my ears hehe?

The only song I didn't notice it was Daft Punk - Doin' it Right (bass was clearly on the right). Michael Jackson - Love never felt so good on the other hand seems to be slight left.

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Just received my black over ear Momentums. Sound fantastic out of the box. I got them used like new for $110.99.

They are brand new. Cables still sealed and plastic on earpads. I don.t think they were ever worn. Only thing I did not get was box. Shipped in the case. I am pretty happy with fit. Pads could be a little bigger but still more comfortable than my V-MODA M-80s. Best part is there only going to get better with burnin.

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I love my Momentum headphones. Just wish there was a way to get thicker earpads. They are too shallow and therefore the speaker rests slightly on my ear which causes discomfort after long listening sessions (3-4 hours). Under that time they are great and actually pretty comfortable.
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Mine arrived just a couple of hours ago. Ivory model, gen 1. After reading so many reviews here and all around the internet, I fell in love with them without even trying them myself (no shop in my city has them on display), so I chose them as my entry to the headfi world, plus now that they're at a discount on Amazon and have free shipping (kudos to Amazon, free shipping arrived as quick as the über expensive express shipping), it seemed like a logical choice. Now that they arrived, the fact that the earcups had no plastic stickers makes me think I might have gotten fakes (even though I bought them directly from Amazon). I'm not sure, the materials do feel premium, specially the earcup buttons which are so shiny.

So, here I go. First day of use. So far they sound good. Not mind blowing as I expected by the praising reviews. I guess I need to give them some burn-in... or else I did get fakes. For the record, I first tested them by listening to The Beatles Revolver album, mono vinyl (2014 pure analog remaster), now I'm listening to Bob Dylan's 1978 Street Legal on my PC (FLAC, ripped from 2013 remastered CD). While I did discover a couple of new sounds on the Beatles vinyl, Dylan sounds just the same as it sounded on my previous $20 phones (I was unable to AB because my cheap 'phones died a couple of weeks ago, but if there is any difference, I didn't notice it). I'm still curious, did I get fakes? Do I need to burn them in (most reviews claim they sound awesome right from the box)? Is my hearing that bad that I cannot appreciate the beauty and the detail?

Regarding the comfort issue, there is something about them indeed. My ears fit just fine (I happen to be a midget with very small ears), but I still feel too much pressure on them after a while. Nothing that hurts too much, but makes me have second thoughts about my purchase. I will give them a couple of days to burn in and adjust to my ears.
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Looks like Sennheiser is having quite a sale ... some Momentums are priced as low as $75 !


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Originally Posted by prot View Post

Looks like Sennheiser is having quite a sale ... some Momentums are priced as low as $75 !


Used like new Over ear Momentums $110.99 Shipped  Will be new just no retail box.




On ear $65.49 shipped


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