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Agreed. The Amperior and the Momentum do complement each other well
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Originally Posted by Pedro Oliveira View Post

But just by curiosity, why do you guys think major headphones like the focals, the b&ws, the v modas all went for smaller than average pads? Is the any benefit on that type of pad or is it just for maximum portability?


I think it's for portability. In my opinion these are more average consumer oriented headphones, for people who like to use them both on the go and at home, and not worry about amps and dacs etc. For what they are, I like Momentums very much and will keep them for the forseeable future. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll invest in pair of kickass iems and they make my Momentums obsolete.

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I never got a chance to hear the Amperior...  I'd like to one day, I'd also like to try the full sized Momentum again.  I had only ever gotten to listen to it in a Best Buy, and I'm always skeptical on what condition those are in, or how well driven.  I do have to admit I utterly LOVE my Momentum On Ear, although I do wish I had a different color.  That lil guy has some wonderful bass.

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Hello there,



I hope i can contribute to this thread. In case anyone is interested, i have done a full reviews and comparsions of both the over ear and on ear momentums as well as the amperiors, along with comparison videos as well. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


Here is just a few of my videos. Be sure to subscribe and check out the other videos in my channel





I also have full written reviews+video review embedded on the these headphones as well




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hi guys in case anyone is interested again with the momentums and amperiors and Momentum on ear comparison i made a thread about my comparison between the three.


this thread is to answer any and all questions regarding the three top of the line portable headphones in its entirety (sound, build, isolation etc) and to compare them with each other as well. 


i hope to see you there!



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