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Just got a pair on Saturday, don't know if they are the new ones or old ones but they smell awesome.

Leather is so luxurious.
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Originally Posted by Pedro Oliveira View Post

They are the over ears... Heres the link...


Originally Posted by Pedro Oliveira View Post

Hi guys....

I have a pair of MDR v6s and a pairs of cal!s.... Right now there is a store in Portugal that os selling the momentums am 160 euros (usually they cost 300).

Is the purchase worth it? How much of am improvement would it be to what i already havê?

I listen to pretty much all types of nowadaya music, from rock (artic monkeys, bloc party...) to edm (above & beyond, AVB...), and every onde in a while some pop, hip hop and RnB....

I am evemn thinking of selling my both cans if the momentums are that worth it...

I will be using them only through am iPod touch or a nexus 7, no amps....

What Do you guys think?

Cheers :-)

Anyone please? rolleyes.gif

By the ways... Will this be as durable An hd25 or a v6 (if well treated of curse...)?

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Originally Posted by joshwalnut View Post

I can get these for $200 like new... is that a good bargain? I'm curious on how i'll like the closed back.


I listen to all types of music... but for the most part electronic/dance stuff..

It's a good deal relative to the Momentums normal sticker price. They're great cans for the music you listened and good (in my opinion) cans for really any music. Nobody except you can determine whether you like them or not. I paid the full $350 price and I love my Momentums. 

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Do they excell in progressive and trance?

Right now i have pretty good deals hangin....

I can get a pairs of srh440 for 80 euros both,
A pair of ath m50s for 65 euros
And the momentums for 160 new and in store (all the other are in mint condition but havê bee opened)

Are the the momentums worth much more than any of the other options?
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Anyone please? :-)
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For trance the ATH-M50s are going to be great. I had a colleague who purchased these after trying several other headphones for trance music. Haven't heard the Momentums though, but the ATH-M50 for that price would be a great option.

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If you can only buy a pair of headphones for the rest of your life, get the Sennheiser momentum, they are awesome. Sparkling highs, smooth mids, lean bass. No muddies or shrillness, they sound super clear, Like a portable pair of Sennheiser HD 600s. Buy them,
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I cannot see how a person would not agree that the Sennheiser momentum is awesome. Unless you like boomy muddy Filling rattling bass
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I used to have the M 50s, they were ok. But compared to the Momentum, they sound like seashells. They sounded congested and boomy to my ears.

The Momentums sound more refined, and remarkably open for a sealed phone. You get what you pay for. Step up and get them and sorry about your wallet
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Bought 20 hours ago... :-P

Now i am going to try and sell my cal! Since the momentum have the same sound sig but are waaaay better in terms of resolution.

I dont know what to do with the v6 though...

Sell? Keep them? Or do i use the money to buy the m50s as a spare?

What do you guys think? :-)

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The M50's will sound like a disappointment now that you have the Momentum.

the only other headphones you would need is an open back headphone for movies and symphonies. the Sennheiser HD 558 or 598 will do nicely.

You may also want to pick up a pair of Vmoda earbuds
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Why are the measurements on these cans so varied? Headroom and innerfidelity have graphs with a huge drop in the highs while this one here looks great. Are there any variations with the first few released and the more current ones? Or is the black one brighter sounding than the older brown ones? :D The goldenears graphs and this here look fine... and I know different sites measure differently but looking at the relative measurements of the other cans on this site like the m50, these are still quite neutral looking and not dark at all. Whats the deal? Anyone able to explain this? In the meantime, I'll read the thread and see if I can find any clues.

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How much time do you guys think the momentum need to burn in? Are there any noticeable improvements after burn in?


My only complain so far is that the bass could be a litle tighter. But i only have about 7 hours playing through my ipod touch at half volume....

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Not long. 20 hours tops. It sounds good with a portable amp also, but I usually just plug it straight into an iPhone or Samsung
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I left them playing yesterday on my ipod touch... I have about 30 hours on them right now. I am also going to leave them playing tonight and i think for now is enough... :)

I like them very much so far. My only complain is the small pads. My ears have about 7cm... I can still get the over ear efect but my ears touch the side of the pads a tiny bit. But nothing that bothers me much since the over ear effect is fully achieved.  


So as a open back alternative would you suggest the hd598's potter pastor? Will they need an amp? My momentum's will be from now one my all round headphone and in the future i plan on getting a good open back (similar quality to the momentum but not very expensive also...) with the money from my v6's and the cal!'s....

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