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For Sale: Denon LA-7000 fully modded

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For Sale:
Denon LA-7000 fully modded

Will Ship To: Anywhere


I am selling my beautiful and fully modded Denon LA-7000. The basis is the Denon AHD-7000, it has been modded by Mark Lawton Audio with everything that goes. Soundwise much better than the unmodded Denon. They are in near mint condition. 


Here is what has been done to them: 

-Leather Angle Pads

-African Mahogany Cups (very beautiful and great sound enhancement)

-17ft (ca. 5m)! Copper Queen Cable, one of the best you can get, price of the cable alone is around 800$

-1/4" Furutch plug


They come in the original Denon AHD-7000 box and with a certificate from Mark Lawton (see photo).



Price is 1050€ plus shipping and Paypal. You're welcome for local pickup as well of course.



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omg I'd marry those cans e.e 

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Originally Posted by MisterFox View Post


lucky u q.q

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Did these sell?

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Offer made, please check your PM.. thanks, Martin

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