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For Sale: FS: Audiogd Reference 7.1 - Sold

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Audiogd Reference 7.1 - Sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The legendary Reference 7.1.


Has been sitting around gathering dust for some time now so better to move it on.


Original receipt provided, bought new in Aug 2012. Ships in original box.


ACSS cables included.


$1400 Shipped in Australia.



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Please exscuse my noobie totally ignorants. I was looking for a higher end usb to spdif converter and saw this. I have an modified Burson Conductor which I think I can use an outboard dac with. (The Burson is a dac/preamp/amp all in one.)  But I'm not sure. So, without a whole lot of research can you please tell me what you have for sale and if it will work with the Burson Conductor? It sounds like it would do a lot more and better than a usb to spdif converter.

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This is a stand alone DAC, without USB input.


This DAC's output can be connected to the Conductor's amp input, bypassing the Conductor's internal DAC.


If you're using USB you'll need a separate converter.

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Hi There 


Is the Audio gd still for sale?


Regards Glenn

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