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Originally Posted by KamijoIsMyHero View Post


the yeezy reviewer is a reviewer of pop music though so it makes sense for him to be blown away by it.


Checking out the reviewer of the NehruvianDOOM album, it is quite apparent he his confused by his own rating system. The actual review itself might be more telling of his thoughts on it but his rating system doesn't mean much. Most of the regular hip-hop that I am familiar with is rated anywhere between 6-8 out of 10. The only 10/10 I came across is DIlla's Donuts but it looks looks to be more of a dickride rather than a proper objective rating. Dilla beats can be dope but it isn't some miraculous holy water that offer eternal blessing to your system.


That just means you just have piss poor taste Kami, while all my albums are top rankin'......

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
......by me that is. ;)


Dilla is good but overrated, some of his stuff is fyre while a lot of it is a miss for me sadly. Can't say i am a huge fan tbh.


You say it like i take ANY of the reviews posted on pitchfork seriously. LMAO Just check it out for the LuLs. : P

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Idk about you but my piss is healthy clear
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i listened to the new nehruvianDOOM album last night.  it wasn't all that.  i love me some DOOM and his beats are nice in this album, but the lyrical content was so-so.  

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What is your favourite DOOM verse?
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verse? hard to pick, he's got so many one liners.  off the top "got more soul, than a sock with a hole", "smack the thin grin off a chin for crack smokin, DDT the first bar and leave the track back broken".  good question tho.  how abouts you?

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"microwave mayo"

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haha, he does have goofy song titles.  


microwave mayonnaise


deep fried frenz


space hoes


sofa king



and he's got like a 10 cd set of all beats.  they have strange names as well.  like they are part of a witch's stew.  called special herbs and spices


dragon's blood+ cayenne

dragon's blood resin + cinnamon

horehound + sesame seeds




he isn't the best rapper in the world, but he's probably one of my favorites.  mostly because of his creativity and his ability to be grimey and vulgar yet whimsical.  and he's deep. some of his stuff makes no sense at all at first listen, until you figure out his references.  and then it's like damn.  genius.

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Logic just released this song 46 minutes ago:



Called "Buried Alive"  

It's good stuff : )  I'm mostly posting it just to beat ultra fan boy OP to it.


EDIT: The Quentin Tarantino name drop at the end just made this song GOLD.  Second favorite director/writer of ALL TIME!

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New Logic album out today.  I'm just waiting for a FLAC rip of it :3


Listening to mp3 version of it and lots of good stuff on it so far.  It leaked a few days ago apparently.  



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