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Originally Posted by K_19 View Post

I always thought that it was a bit unfortunate that Headroom amps/DACs, while they have very good reviews from their actual owners, haven't gathered more vocal mentions and recommendations here on Head-fi... especially over the last few years as numerous new competitors have entered the market.  Almost every here knows you guys make amps/DACs, but it seems more or less off the radar for the newcomers to this hobby these days. The aforementioned aesthetic issue, and the fact that Headroom's models are 5+years old without much refreshing may play a big part here indeed (and if you guys plan to stay as a player in that sector of the business, it definitely needs to be worked on) but it kind of sucks how they hardly get any mention as a viable recommendation here on Head-fi anymore as I am certain that they're still very quality products for the money (Just like how something like quality amps like B22 or M3, etc, are still mentioned as recommendations often even though they're very old designs).  Perhaps something like a country-wide review loaner program of your amps/DACs (followed by the requisite review by the users who try them, of course) would help exposure and ramp up interest here on Head-fi again?  And I'm not saying that because I want to try out these amps myself or anything (I don't have too many dynamic headphones around anymore, and besides, I'm in Canada which means typically I'm not eligible for these kind of loaner programs tongue.gif redface.gif)... I honestly do think they may help in terms of exposure here.


I know headroom is obviously headphones first business, but since you guys are still in the amps/DAC business, just thinking this may help. smile.gif

Thanks K_19,


This is great feedback and I agree with much of what you said. We certainly could use some updates. People like new stuff.



Originally Posted by WiR3D View Post

I was actually looking at a headroom stack for my Denons, but when I compared it to the competitors (and bare in mind I have training in Fine Art, and could probably render better then most people that graduate University) I just didn't see myself wanting to show it to others, or wanting to look at it, sonically it may be a masterpiece, but ... yeah.


I appreciate your feedback too WiR3D. When I make another product, I'll do my best to make it look great as well as sound great.

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I'm late to this thread but I would like to comment on the idea of good looks in gear.


I don't show off my gear - I listen to it. And surely that's what most of us do with it most of the time. How often is gear showed off?


An extreme example of style is Bang & Olufson. They have a reputation for style and good sound but you pay a premium for the style. You could get the same quality sound for less money.


So, if style does not add to the cost, I see no problem, but I don't want to pay extra just for improved looks.


I should say though that my appearance reflects those ideas too!

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As an owner of the HeadRoom micro stack going on 6 1/2 years or so, I've always considered those pieces to be outstanding performers and I think they look good too.  To me, part of what I think makes them look good is their build quality.  They are very well put together, metal enclosures, all black, and I like how they sit one on top of the other, stacking very securely.  While they are technically 'portable' they are really more 'transportable', meaning they are not very practical for many 'on the go' ventures.  There are both smaller and larger amp/dac combo's, and I do think that these are great performers, and increasingly relevant with the advent of more portable daps with digital outputs coming out like the Astell and Kern models. 


I'm curious as to which particular products are thought to suffer aesthetically?  Most of the HeadRoom amps/dacs from the past, including the current micro pieces are fairly large for most portable setups so that is an issue, but aesthetically, I only find the now discontinued Total BitHead to be aesthetically challenged...


Wir3d, perhaps you could give some examples of amps/dacs that you consider aesthetically pleasing.  I'm curious what you think looks good, and it may be helpful for Jamey to have a sense of what potential customers may prefer aesthetically.  People have generally praised the sleek looks of Astell & Kerns AK120.  Maybe a portable amp that shares similar looks with something like that?

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