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UK Mini Meet - Essex - February 6th 2013 - Page 3

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I'd love a Yorkshire meet. I'm not far from Selby(when not at uni) since I'm just outside York. I don't have a car though, so anything I can contribute would have to fit in a smallish suitcase and not break on the train.


Assuming an head-fi meeting in Yorkshire can be made possible, then the amp I'd probably be better off taking would be the GS-X, simply because more headfiers have Dynamic Headphones and IEM's than Electrostatics, so headfiers attending that meeting could take their own dynamic headphones and / or IEM's and try them with the GS-X. Along with my K-01, IMO they'll find out what their phones are capable of.

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Guys people are wanting a London meet in 2013, see other thread




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The headphone company can't make it and I don't think turn out is gonna be great so I think I will have Beyer to myself! I will do something one a weekend with down months prep so it can be done properly!


Was waiting to see the state of my finances once first pay cheque of 2013 had paid off the xmas debt tongue.gif Think can still justify the trip and looking on nationalrail it is only £18 return from London, excluding underground travelcard. I don't mind low attendance given circumstances. More time for me to exclusively demo very_evil_smiley.gif I will PM you

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i might ands well continue to make any one welcome


if you can make it why not come. it seems liek a cheap train journey down and why not let the london meet group know!

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