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UK Mini Meet - Essex - February 6th 2013

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Hey Guys,


I know it is short notice but i thought i would see if anyone is interested in a mini headphone meet. I have been talking to Polar Audio who are the UK Beyerdynamic representatives and they said they will be coming down to mine for a day with all the models, T1 down to the COP and maybe a few other things for me to try. I thought why not make this into something for everyone so that they also get to try the gear. It is going to be at my house. I have an old forge so i am going to kit it out with tables and se up some rig with my stuff in prep and have space for the Beyer stuff an your stuff. 


It will be on Wednesday 6th of February


So if your interested say what day is best for you and we can go from there. I think the wednesday and friday are the best days for both me and Beyer so if you can do one of them that would be great.


It is going to be hard to beat Andys amazing effort and i know it is late notice but i think with a few of you guys it should still be a good day. I will also see if i can get the headphone company up with there universal customs demos and i am sure a few companies can send me some stuff to show off even in this short time if it seems like we are good to go!


If it goes well and the location works for a few people then i might make it into a weekly or monthly get together but we will see how this one goes first ;)


I live in colchester and my post code is xxxxxx so see how this and the dates work for you and let me know.








So we will have the entire Beyerdynamic line up from the likes of T1, T5, T70 and hopefully T90 to the cheaper end with the DTX501 etc. Should be really nice getting to see all there gear!


Also if this does go ahead then we should see the headphone company make an appearance with the likes universals from UM, 1964, ACS and more. You then have all the stuff i have and please bring along anything you have!

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I'm interested but it's a long way from home and I'd be coming by train so if anyone's local and driving past a station or driving up from the South West and wouldn't mind a passenger in exchange for some petrol money let me know asap (before they jack the train prices up!) - I'm free any of those days smile.gif

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Awesome would be great to see you here! I would love to try them ED8s and some of your amps ;) Hopefully a few other people will notice the meet and we will get a few biters, i think around 20 of us would be good! I have put it in my sig so people can see it!

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It's gonna be a bit too far and too sudden for me it seems. Hoping for a better date in the weekend or something.

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Just an idea, if you can make it awesome and sorry if you can not. The date is a bit sudden and not ideal because i have beyer coming round to show off there products to me an di though some other people may want to see the stuff as well. Maybe some peopel can come!

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Short notice to book the day off work. So only a "maybe". Would be helpful if someone could swing by Colchester rail station with their car, but would consider a taxi depending


A DT1350 vs Momentum / Amperior face-off would really sell it to me wink.gif


Is the T70 the home version or the more efficient 'portable' version?

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If this were to happen on the Sunday I might be able to make it, though it's a bit of a trek for me unfortunately.


Good luck with it though - I hope some people are able to make it. Great work on getting a rep round to your house to demo gear - that's the way to do it!

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I have a momentum so the comparison will be happening wink.gif as for the T70 I think so?

Sorry about it being a weekday. I was having the Beyer guy round anyway for a review day so I thought I'd give the opportunity to share. I also am not so sure if they can do weekends. I will do another day though much mire in advance and weekend.
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Would love to join in but won't be back in the UK until later in February. Let me know if the date slips or if you do it again. wink.gif

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Oh that is a shame. If the interest is here and the location not to bad i will throw another one.


This was only me letting people share the chance to try all the beyers.


Even if no one can make it this will go ahead as this is when beyer can make it to mine but if any of you can then that would be great so i can try even more different stuff.


But yes if you like the sound of it and the location is not too bad i will do a weekend one with a lot more time before hand. I will say though that i can not host hundreds like the last meet churned out. More 10-15 ish would be good. Still would have some nice stuff on display i am sure!

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Back again. Have preliminarily booked the day off work, though can cancel to regain the holiday entitlement


Just want to confirm this is definitely happening before proceeding with booking train ticket from London. What time will it be starting on the day?

Presumably a taxi from Colchester train station will not be too expensive if no-one can swing by with their car?


P.S. You may want to consider deleting your post code as it is a public forum wink.gif

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Okay.... well i am having beyer round whatever so i guess your welcome to come. If we can get enough people to come the headphone company will come with:



demo Shure IEM range
demo 1964 Ears
demo UM Miracle (if it gets here in time) + Merlin & Aero - Mage / Marvel are not going to be here in time
demo ACS T1 & T2
take FREE ear impressions for any orders people might want to place for any of our custom products
give 10% discount off any custom product including CIEMs and Ear Plugs (excl. 1964 Ears / Alien Ears)
You know so you can come whatever or hopefully a few other will come down, would be very good! The nore the better, i wanna try as much as i can ;) stick it in your sig and hopefully grab some attention. If we can get enough to warrant the headphone company coming huge win!
IF we can get roughly 10 people that would be an awesome day i think!

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start it at 12ish? Finish before 8, i need you gone by 8 as i go a bed for morning training then :P

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Sorry but I wont be coming, at least not by train.  Just had a look and it's going to be £75+ for a four hour trip including an hour on the Tube in London, and I wont arrive until nearly 11.  Then I'd have to be on the train back at 18:30 to get home before midnight, and that's assuming the trains all run on time.  I thought being near London it would be easy and relatively fast, but apparently not blink.gif

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where in London are you? That sound ridiculous, i have been into London on trains loads of times before, 90ish mins max (not even that), Liverpool street half of that. When i got  a train all the way to Liverpool that was 4 hours!

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