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For Sale: April Music Stello P200 dual monaural preamplifier

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
April Music Stello P200 dual monaural preamplifier

Will Ship To: USA

Just realized that I still have this one....so dropped the price for final sale.


Price reduced to $797!  Includes shipping to CONUS!



The Stello P200 is a remarkable preamp, irrespective of its price point. It is a dual monaural design, with left and right circuits dual mono from the toroidal transformers to the inputs and outputs. It is designed with two separate volume control chips which provide outstanding channel separation. No wires are used in the circuit path, and the construction quality is outstanding.


If you've read any reviews of Stello gear, you know that sound quality is exceptional. The P200 is no different, it is very detailed, presents a wide soundstage, as well as a musical presentation. It works best via the balanced outputs, with high quality amplification, although the RCA outputs sound fantastic as well. The output stage is full balanced Class A push pull mode. Bypass input is available for use in home theater application with a surround preamp/processor.


When I bought it a couple of years ago I communicated with April Music about this unit, as it was hard to find any information about it. I was told that the manufacturing costs were too high, so they had discontinued the model. When you see the build quality of this model, you'll understand what they meant about manufacturing costs - it would have been difficult for them to sell this at the original list price and make much money, no doubt. Their current models are really good, but they certainly don't look like the 200 series, inside or out.


The remote control is a well constructed piece in itself, quite heavy actually at more than 10 ounces, and can operate the preamp as well as any Phillips-based CD player.


The P200 is a joy to operate, with a standby mode operated by the front power button. When in this mode (main power switch is on the back) the unit memorizes the last volume set for each input!


Inputs: 2 Balanced XLR, 4 unbalanced RCA. Outputs: 1 Balanced XLR, 2 unbalanced RCA.


The P200 is in great condition, with a couple of small marks on the front panel as well as the top, but nothing substantial, couldn't really capture it in the photos. The front panel is a thick brushed aluminum piece, that is somewhere between white and silver, very unique looking.


It will be packed in the original box, then double boxed. Instructions, Remote, and original power cord are included.

Buyer to pay actual shipping cost and 3% for PayPal payment. I also accept bank transfer or money order.


I've bought and sold an amp or two here, but it has been a long time, maybe before feedback.  I have a feedback rating of 100% over 300 transactions on the auction site, same username.  Also on Audiogon, 100% feedback of 36.

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HOw many volts does this put out in balanced mode?  No pot.  It'a analog volume control?

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Sorry for the delay, i don't get emails on posts, just PMs. Not sure how many volts it puts out in balanced mode as it isn't in the specs. Regarding volume, it is controlled by two separate chips (cs3310) which are digital. Same chips used by Jeff Rowland in some preamps, very high quality with no discernible distortion. (Do a search, there is an interesting Rowland post about them. I couldn't get a link to an article to work.)
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Is your Stello P200 still available? Just curious that if it is that good as you said, why you want to sell it? Not able to find any information about it online.



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Still available, yes. I have too much gear, so time to let this one go. My main rig now is all tube, and the Shindo was (for me) an upgrade to go with the tube amp that I switched to.
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I am actually in Canada. Do you ship to here? If so, what's the shipping cost to L4C 0L5?

I prefer ship by USPS. Thanks

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Sorry, USA shipments only.  

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I can ship to an US address.

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