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Need advise on a DAC for the following system:


Computer --> DAC (to be bought) --> Naim Nait 5i --> Harbeth p3esr


I will be visiting the UK soon (I live in Holland), where Richer Sounds seems to be selling a wide range of dacs a lot cheaper than here. Hence, I would like to have made my mind up by then and take a nice dac with me back home. I do not want to spend more than necessary on the dac so I am looking at dacs with basic functionalities, though from quality producers. The choices so far are:


DacMagic 100: 240e

Vdac ii : 215e

rPac : 160e

rDac: 300e

Hrt Music Streamer ii +: 300e


All DACs are within budget; however, if the difference in soundquality between, for instance, rPac and rDac is marginally, then I will be going for the cheap option. However, as you might have noticed, the rest of my setup is (lower)high-end at around 3500e, so I do not want the dac to be the weak link over a hundred euro more or less.


What to do?