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Musical Fidelity EB-50

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Wow! When I first got these IEM's I was a bit disappointed.
I had a lot of trouble getting a seal and ended up using Comply's. I thought they gave a good seal but I was a bit underwhelmed with the sound.
I just gave the supplied tips another go and suddenly got a true seal with the triple flanges.
Stunning. I could go on in an audiophile fashion but just. Stunning.
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Just ordered a pair. Should be coming before weekend since Amazon is pretty reliable.

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I hope you like them. A really good seal seems essential. Let me know what you think to them. smily_headphones1.gif
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I have just bought these and have been listening for 1 week with tracks I am familiar with. It seems to me that they are bass light, bass seems fast but not weighty...How long should burn in be?


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What about mids and treble?

I dont think burn-in will help with the bass.

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I would not expect a BA to burn in. I thought the same as you when I first used them. Are you sure you have a perfect seal? I used the triple flanges and suddenly heard what these phones are capable of.
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Treble and Mids seem very good, it is just the mid to lower bass is light, but fast(lack of colouration/distortion) They are good but are they worth £150?

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Seal is perfect with the stock pads that come attached. I really think the bass is a tad light, from 50hz down. So while i rate them overall, I can't help but think they are maybe not great value at £150. But it is a subjective opinion.I am comparing them to the stock phones of a samsung Galaxy s2, which sound more bass heavy, albeit bloated(slower)

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I' m waiting for my ears to calm down after all my sodding about with tips. I'll have another listen but I was getting bags of bass.
You say you are using the stock tips. Which ones? My EB-50's came with eleventy different tips.
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I've been very interested in these ever since I heard about them a few months ago, if someone would do a little review that would be awesome.

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Once my ears have recovered and I get time to listen to a range of music I will try and put something together. I did start an appreciation thread for these but I think my initial impressions have been superseded.
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OK. I've been listening to a range of music on these now and here's what I have found.
The only way that I have found to get the potential out of these IEM's has been to use the supplied triple flange tips inserted deep. Very deep. Ear rapingly deep! Any less and not only does the bass suffer but also the upper mids take on an artificial quality. Especially the hanging tom drums.(thanks Wikipedia! wink.gif )
Get the deep seal and they sound pretty remarkable to me. Even slightly less insertion and they don't perform.
I have been chasing good quality sound most of my adult life. I am not certain how good at analysing sound I am but here goes.
Straight out of the headphone jack of an iPhone 4S they sound very good but if I was being picky I would say that the bass ( lots of it) is rather unfocused and "plumy". The good news is that the rest of the frequencies are very nicely balanced with the large amount of bass. ( Unlike the IE8's!). The soundstage is good. Nice and out of the head. Just occasionally I am aware that the sounds are coming from tiny drivers within my ears but on the main not.
Plug a LOD and amp into the iPhone and things get even better. The pluminess disappears and there is more air and separation around the instruments. I was not aware of the location of the drivers at all.
All in all. If only these 'phones worked with shallow insertion they would be amazing. As things stand the sound is amazing but only if you can tolerate the deep, deep insertion. It remains to be seen if I can. I was pretty relieved to take them out just now!
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Got them and will send them back.

They sound like the little brother of the um3x for me.

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Try em as I describe before you return them. You may be surprised.
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